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Newsletters are published twice a year. They contain articles related to the misssion of the Scholarship. The summer issue introduce the current year scholarship recipient. Click on an image in order to download a pdf or epublication of that issue. You can sign up on the mailinglist to receive notification of new issues as they are released.

Newsletter Issue No. 1, April 2016, presents the scholarship and provides overview of the problems we seek to solve. Click the image to download a copy.

Newsletter Issue No. 2, July 2016 presents the scholarship winners for 2016. Click the image to download a copy.

Newsletter Issue No. 3, October 2016, announces the Scholarship Programs for Practitioners and Students for 2017. Click the image to download a copy.

It also provides an introduction to the importance of soil health to the health of the human race.

NEWSLETTER No 6, December 2017.

The main article addresses the need for healthy biomes in the soil, the oceans, and the gut.

The format is 8 1/2 x 17 inches.

To download a full size pdf version, NL 6 Dec-2017.pdf

To download an e-pub version, NL 6 Dec-2017.epub

If you want us to mail you a copy, just send us an e-mail:

Newsletter No. 7, June 2018 tells why no scholarships were offered this year, presents a profile of one of the major donors, and announces the dates for the 2019 Scholarship applications, in addition to other information.

Clicking on the image downloads a pdf file of the newsletter.

Newsletter No. 8, December 2018 announces the schedule for the 2019 Scholarship applications and award, presents a profile of Bruce Ause—the accomplished environmental educator, presents issues and solutions about water quality, and provides update about a previous Scholarship recipient.