The Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Scholarship Endowment Fund

Future Students are Grateful

for your Support

Donors—Partial list

Alliance Banks

Constance Anderson

Sig & Sharon Anderson

Georgene Arndt**

Bruce & Kathy Ause**

Pat Bailey

Pat Barone

Barb & Bruce Bayley

Suzanne Blue

Mary Broeker

Cheryl Hubbard Brown

Jan & Bill Bruce

Andrea Chapman

Ursula Connors

Mike Davis

Norm & Mary Erickson

Vicky & Emery Fick**

Deirdre Flesche*

Dean & Joanne Flugstad

Foresight Bank

Larry Gates

Rollie Geppert*

Elisabeth Goihl**

Dean & Sally Harrington**

Michael Harvey

Katie & Larry Himanga

Tom & Bea Hoffman

Maren Holst

Tom & Sue Hunter

John Hutchinson

Skip Jobe

Margaret H. and James E. Kelley Foundation

Dag Knudsen*

Kirsten & Ham Kurtz

Brian & Leontin Larson

Christie Manning &

Frank Childer

Mary Manning

Bob Manross

Bill & Bonnie McMillin

Rachel Moritz

Robert & Sharon Norberg

Jim & Mary O‘Brien

Bob Parrott

Juliet Patterson

Locke & Dorothy Perkins

Douglas & Anne Pflaum

Redmond Environmental

Ripley Dental Care

Tim Schlagenhaft

Katie Schmidt

Deb & Greg Schreck

Jim & Ann Schreck

Don & Alice Schwartz

Kent Speight

Nancy Sponaugle

Anne K. Starr

Amy & Brian Statkevicus

Tine Thevenin Memorial Fund**

Hakon & Olnes Torjesen

Michael & Connie Wittek

David & Jeani Wodele

Paul Wotzka

Many anonymous donations, two with matching funds from:


Armory Dental

** = Enabling donors who participated in getting the Fund established.


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