The Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Scholarship Endowment Fund

Donations Made in Honor  of...


have offered

the following

honors and comments

as reasons for their donations:

My donation is in Honor of my Husband Lawrence Svien.

—Patty Svien

My donations are in honor of Dag & Deirdre.

—Cheryl Hubbard Brown

“My donation is because I am passionate about agriculture.”


My donation is in honor of Deirdre Flesche and Dag Knudsen

—Ursula Connors

“In honor of Dorothy’s 100th Birthday—with thanks for showing the rest of us how to lead a long and memorable life”

—Deirdre Flesche, Lake City, MN

In Honor of:

        Allison Harvey

In Honor of my daughter Dr. Christie Manning who advances our knowledge of conservation and sustainability.

—Mary Manning

In Honor of Maren Holst for her contributions to environmental awareness for Lake City youths.

—Bruce & Kathy Ause

In Honor of:

     Doug Nopar for his contributions to spreading the word about Soil Health and its multiple benefits to modern farming practices.

—Jennifer & Mike Rupprecht

Our donation is made In honor of Sally Harrington of Plainview.

Mary & Bill Schmidt

Your Honorees and Memorials here:

When you make a donation in memory or honor of someone, feel free to give us some background and a photo so we can honor that person.