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Clean Air—

The Problems

Clean, safe air is essential

to a healthy life.

Air quality is a measure of the amount of pollutants in our atmosphere, which includes indoor and outdoor air. Pesticides in agriculture and urban settings have the potential to contaminate our air, affecting human, animal and plant health. Some pesticide ingredients stay in the atmosphere for only a short period of time, while others can last longer.

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The Solutions?

Pasture-based Farming

on Healthy Soil!

The most efficient way to reduce air pollution from farms is to reduce the size and increase the number of farms. Many small farms scattered throughout the country will create less air pollution than huge, centralized factory farms. Sustainable livestock farms are pasture-based systems that rely on the animals to harvest feed and spread manure.  This is the way livestock has been raised for thousands of years, right up until the 20th Century, and it remains the model for sustainable farming and reducing farm-related air pollution.

The Air we depend on should be safe—It Isn’t