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Informational and Fun Links

So Much is Happening in the field of Regenerative Agriculture & Forestry .

We will be providing links for your enjoyment and keeping up to date.

Here is a pair of fun music videos recently commissioned by the Land Stewardship Project highlighting key themes of the growing farmer interest in building soil health.

This first one sings about healthy soil and its benefits.

This second song is titled “Got Cover Crops.”

How can we measure the profitability of Healthy Soils? Here is an answer.

Forest Carbon Primer: The Congressional Research Service has published this primer. Forests are a significant part of the global carbon cycle, because they contain the largest store of terrestrial (land-based) carbon and continuously transfer carbon between the terrestrial biosphere and the atmosphere. Consequently, forest carbon optimization and management strategies are often included in climate mitigation policy proposals.

The Trillion Trees and National Carbon Storage Act, introduced by a bipartisan coalition of senators, would help the U.S. maximize carbon storage and measure impact. Climate scientists helped shape the bill, and it shows. Here are five important ways the bill gets it right.

Soil Health Case Studies, Vol. iii prepared by Jared Luhman of the Sustainable Farming Association in cooperation with CINRAM and the U og M Extension. It contains several wonderful stories about what farmers have accomplished by practicing various aspects fo regenerative agriculture.

Healthy alternatives to pesticides is an organization that focuses on Protecting Your Health & Ensuring Your Safety. Consumer Notice is a consumer advocacy organization that informs the public about the health and safety risks associated with defective products, environmental dangers and other hazards and presents legal options to those who have been injured through the fault of another person or entity. The following link brings you directly to a list of alternatives to glyphosate and Roundup:

Montgomery County, Maryland offers alternatives to harmful pesticides. Their information is available at this link: