The Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Scholarship Endowment Fund

was established in order to protect our resources for the future generations



Current agricultural and forestry practices

are not sustainable.

The scholarship seeks to fund students who want to learn about and conduct research into sustainable practices, educate others and

advocate for change.

The mission

of the Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Scholarship Fund is to provide financial aid to individuals committed to sustainability in the fields of agriculture and forestry.

The Rochester Area Foundation (RAF) is the home of The Fund. RAF is a non profit Minnesota corporation exempt from taxation under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

This means all contributions to the Fund are tax deductible AND 100% of your contributions goes to build the endowment.

Access the Rochester Area Foundation Web Site here.

The Founding Contributors are Deirdre Flesche and Dag Knudsen of rural Lake City, Minnesota, and Rollin Geppert who grew up on a farm in the Lake City area.

This website is created and maintained by Dag Knudsen.

Please let him know if there are problems on the site, or with inquiries about the Scholarship program.

He can be reached at dag(at) Yes, change (at) to @

To provide a tax deductible donation to the scholarship

Download the Donation Form

and mail it per the instructions.

Thank you for your contributions and help

in building this perpetual endowment.

Your contribution is tax deductible and all of it goes

to build the Endowment. Fund expenses are covered by others.

The 2025 Student Scholarship Application

will be published January 15, 2025 and closes on March 31, 2025.

Details can be found on the

Applicants page

It can be found on the

Rochester Area Foundation Scholarship website

Go here to start your application:

starting on January 15, 2025

Recipients will be announced

on June 1, 2025

The 2023 Scholarship recipient is introduced here.

No scholarship issued in 2024

The previous newsletters are available here.

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latest newsletters

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Updated June 15, 2024